GET /api/1.2/osversions

Get all OS versions for ISO generation and the directory where the kickstarter files are found. The values are retrieved from osversions.cfg found in either /var/www/files or in the location defined by the kickstart.files.location parameter (if defined).

Authentication Required: Yes

Role(s) Required: None

Response Properties

Parameter Description
OS version name OS version name. For example, “CentOS 7.2 vda”.
OS version dir The directory where the kickstarter ISO files are found. For example, centos72-netinstall.

Response Example

       "CentOS 7.2": "centos72-netinstall"
       "CentOS 7.2 vda": "centos72-netinstall-vda"

POST /api/1.2/isos

Generate an ISO.

Authentication Required: Yes

Role(s) Required: Operations

Request Properties

Parameter Required Description
osversionDir yes The directory name where the kickstarter ISO files are found.
hostName yes  
domainName yes  
rootPass yes  
dhcp yes Valid values are ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If yes, other IP settings will be ignored.
interfaceMtu yes 1500 or 9000
ipAddress yes|no Required if dhcp=no
ipNetmask yes|no Required if dhcp=no
ipGateway yes|no Required if dhcp=no
ip6Address no /64 is assumed if prefix is omitted.
ip6Gateway no Ignored if an IPV4 gateway is specified.
interfaceName no Typical values are bond0, eth4, etc. If you enter bond0, a LACP bonding config will be written.
disk no Typical values are “sda”

Request Example

    "osversionDir": "centos72-netinstall-vda",
    "hostName": "foo-bar",
    "domainName": "",
    "rootPass": "password",
    "dhcp": "no",
    "interfaceMtu": 1500,
    "ipAddress": "",
    "ipNetmask": "",
    "ipGateway": ""

Response Properties

Parameter Type Description
isoURL string The URL location of the ISO. ISO locations can be found in cnd.conf file.

Response Example

        "response": {
                "isoURL": ""
        "alerts": [
                        "level": "success",
                        "text": "Generate ISO was successful."