Administrator’s Guide

Traffic Control is distributed in source form for the developer, but also as a binary package. This guide details how to install and configure a Traffic Control CDN using the binary packages, as well as how to perform common operations running a CDN.

When installing a complete CDN from scratch, a sample recommended order is:

  1. Traffic Ops
  2. Traffic Vault (Riak)
  3. Traffic Monitor
  4. Apache Traffic Server Mid-Tier Caches
  5. Apache Traffic Server Edge Caches
  6. Traffic Router
  7. Traffic Stats
  8. Traffic Portal

Once everything is installed, you will need to configure the servers to talk to each other. You will also need Origin server(s), which the Mid-Tier Cache(s) get content from. An Origin server is simply an HTTP(S) server which serves the content you wish to cache on the CDN.