GET /api/1.2/caches/stats

Retrieves cache stats from Traffic Monitor. Also includes rows for aggregates.

Authentication Required: Yes

Role(s) Required: None

Response Properties

Parameter Type Description
profile string The profile of the cache.
cachegroup string The cache group of the cache.
hostname string The hostname of the cache.
ip string The IP address of the cache.
status string The status of the cache.
healthy string Has Traffic Monitor marked the cache as healthy or unhealthy?
connections string Cache connections
kbps string Cache kbps out

Response Example

 "response": [
      "profile": "ALL",
      "cachegroup": "ALL",
      "hostname": "ALL",
      "ip": null,
      "status": "ALL",
      "healthy": true,
      "connections": 934424,
      "kbps": 618631875
      "profile": "EDGE1_FOO_721-ATS621-45",
      "cachegroup": "us-nm-albuquerque",
      "hostname": "foo-bar-alb-01",
      "ip": "",
      "status": "REPORTED",
      "healthy": true,
      "connections": 373,
      "kbps": 390136